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To make a clear distinction between the documentary and the drama sequences, a clear aesthetic difference was needed. We chose a special technique which allowed us to film all our drama scenes in one studio space: we filmed many of our shots against a green screen, and then replaced this digitally with a specially created background. This process was time-consuming and required a lot of artistic skill, but the results are worth it, and we are delighted with the way this has turned out.

The first stage is designing the environment. We begin with reference images from the web and design our own space. Wycliffe's trial takes place in a great cathedral, so we needed a vast hall with imposing rows of pillars.

The second stage is drawing in the background behind the actors, with increasing levels of detail.

When we are happy with the line drawing, we move to the colouring stage, going over it again and again until it is ready.

Finally the completed image is composited together with the live action footage and the full cinematic effect is complete.

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