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Dr. Stephen Lahey
Dr. Stephen Lahey Professor of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Stephen Lahey specialises in medieval theology and philosophy, and specialises in the study of John Wycliffe, the Lollards and the Hussites. He has published several books on John Wycliffe,and has also translated several of his works into modern English. Stephen is an ordained priest in the Episcopal church, and enjoys drawing and painting.
Dr. Ian Levy
Dr. Ian LevyProfessor of Historical Theology at Providence College, Rhode Island
Ian Levy teaches courses on the development of Christian doctrines through history, with a particular focus on the medieval church. He is especially interested in the roles of authority, tradition, and conscience in the determination of Catholic thought. He has written many works on these subjects, including several on John Wycliffe.
Dr. Susan Royal
Dr. Susan RoyalLecturer in Reformation Studies at Durham University
Susan Royal studies the intellectual and religious culture of late medieval and early modern Britain, specialising in Reformation-era martyrdom; Protestant ecclesiology; and the notion of heresy. Her particular focus in recent years has been the appropriation of John Wycliffe's life and legacy by the English Protestant Reformers.
Rev. Dr. Ian Hamilton
Rev. Dr. Ian HamiltonProfessor of Historical Theology at Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Ian Hamilton has been a minister in England and Scotland for over forty years. His primary focus is now the provision of practical theological education for pastors. He serves as President of Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary and editor of the Banner of Truth theological magazine.
Rev. Charlie Styles
Rev. Charlie StylesRector of the Wycliffe Fellowship
As the Rector of Lutterworth Parish Church and the neighbouring parishes, Charlie Styles has a personal connection with John Wycliffe and with his legacy. Since filming his interview, he has taken up a new position at CEO of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

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